For event organisers

viRACE for organizers

viRACE is an app that allows runners to take part in a running competition in real time without having to be physically present. Live updates on the intermediate results from you and the marked favorites are delivered directly to your ears via headphones. There is also the possibility to schedule track specific announcements. Timekeeping, registration and tracking is handled directly via the app.

What does viRACE offer organizers?

  • viRACE can be offered as a compensation offer after the cancellation of a run or as a complementary element.
  • Interest in the race can be maintained or increased by a new kind of running experience.
  • Important sponsors can find their way to the runners digitally within the app (links, virtual goodie bag, naming by informational voice during the run).
  • Course-specific announcements: “On the original course you would be running right now just throuh the Brandenburgertor.”
    Offer of family runs with texts suitable for children.

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