For event organisers

viRACE for organizers

viRACE is an app that allows runners to take part in a running competition in real time without having to be physically present. Live updates on the intermediate results from you and your marked favorites are delivered directly to your ears via headphones. There is also the possibility to schedule track specific announcements. Timekeeping, registration and tracking is handled directly via the app.

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Scope of functions
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Additional functions

What does viRACE offer organizers?

  • viRACE can be offered as a compensation offer after the cancellation of a run or as a complementary element.
  • Interest in the race can be maintained or increased with a new kind of running experience.
  • Important sponsors can find their way to the runners digitally within the app (links, virtual goodie bag, naming by informational voice during the run).
  • Course-specific announcements: “On the original course you would be running right now just through the Brandenburgertor.”
  • Offer of family runs with texts suitable for children.

viRACE Features

  • Having the race over a specific distance at a specific time
  • The run will appear in the viRACE feed with name, date, distance, number of registered runners and preview picture
  • Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish
  • Course specific texts and sounds can be inserted. Your imagination is the limit here. From distance-based announcements with references to places of interest (“you are walking across the Bundesplatz”), to sponsor announcements, to the twittering of birds or the rushing of a stream.
  • Registration, timing and tracking directly in the app
  • Run specific certificate for all participants to share on social media
  • Variant 1: Time dependent = Live Event (all start at the same time e.g. 09:00)
  • Variant 2: Time independent (all start within 1 week or similar) Event
  • Integration of sounds (original speakers, stories about running, birds singing).
  • Integration of sponsors visually and acoustically
  • Pre-Race / After Race Mailing (text supplied by the organizer)
  • Virtual Goodiebag at the finish for each finisher (organizer delivers Goodiebag)
  • Automatic drawing of prizes among finishers
  • Closed (participation only possible with code) or open events (anyone who has the app can participate)
  • Participant list and results can be exported afterwards
  • Sharing feature of certificate before and after event.
  • First-Level Support for participants

What we need to get started

  • Date of the event
  • Distance: Exact competition distance
  • Name of the distance / category
  • Start time
  • Logo of the event, which would be displayed in the feed / on the detail page (format: 2:1) and sponsor logos
  • If available: GPS file of the route

By 2 weeks before the start day of the race, we need additionally the following:

  • The text which are to be added in addition to the standard sentences and at what time they should be mentioned. We can provide an overview of the placements of the standard sentences. On request we can also work out a proposal.
  • Sound effects as mp3, which should be played during / before the run and at what time.

Additional Features

  • For live events: Visual Spectator-View, -> the official route is shown on a map on a separate landing page and virtual live progress of all participants, incl. live ranking visible for everyone
  • In case of a time-independent event: acoustic feedback on how you are compared to your friends (who have already run) (in the live version this function is already included).
  • Connection to donations via Paypal /Google Pay /Apple iTunes or SMS

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us: